Aitraaz 2, Priyanka Chopra could return for the sequel of the hit thriller

Aitraaz 2, Priyanka Chopra could return for the sequel of the hit thriller

Priyanka Chopra has become one of the most famous International stars to come out of India. She has accumulated a large fan following from her show, Quantico and has become recognized for her acting skills and out-spoken personality. But before she left India for world-wide stardom, Priyanka was an established actress, and one movie that showed her dramatic chops to the audiences was the thriller, Aitraaz, directed by Abbas Maustan and produced by Shubash Ghai. Priyanka achieved instant acclaim and stardom through the role, for which she was praised, with critics calling her performance a bold risk, and the interpretation of classic femme fatale character.

Now, the makers are going to make a sequel for the movie, and reportedly Shubash Ghai wants Priyanka to return for the project. Ghai has been working on the project for two year, and has now completed the project, and according to sources, Priyanka has shown interest about starring in the movie.

This will be Priyanka’s first Bollywood in three years, her last being Gangajal. There have been no reports if the previous cast members, Akshay Kumar and Kareena Kapoor are going to return for the project as well. Priyanka is currently busy shooting season three of Quantico, and was seen on sets several times. She hasn’t spoken out about the project as of yet. It’ll be interesting to see if Priyanka does return for the sequel, as this Aitraaz is one movie that is often discussed in her career and is bench mark of a different kind of female character in the Indian film industry.

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