Agnyaathavaasi movie review: Pawan Kalyan’s repetitiveness can’t save his stardom

Agnyaathavaasi movie review: Pawan Kalyan’s repetitiveness can’t save his stardom

Agnyaathavaasi is the latest Pawan Kalyan film which relies on his stardom and lost without a story. Agnyaathavaasi is the story of a man who has been gone away for too long from his family and he can’t return until a certain time so everybody is waiting for him to come back and basically beat the bad guys up. One may say that after a long time of playing conventional rowdies power star is back in his family entertainment genre which made him a star in the first place.

Pawan Kalyan has openly said that he wants to quit acting after certain films and some money so that he can focus entirely onto his political ventures, his dialogue delivery in the film was so lame as if he was thinking about his political empire while saying them. Power star has gotten old and now his voice and demeanor does not strike the audience as it use to. His last film Katamarayadu and the one came before it by the name of Sardar Gabbar Singh received lukewarm response from the audience and went full for a day or 2 only because of his fans who could not care less about what film Kalyan does and how he does it.

There is a reason why someone like Kalyan could never become a pan- India star or a global superstar because he was too busy making his little audience happy with land grabbing stories and not worthy enough to mention action. The world outside of power star’s movie sets is experiencing everyday and trying their artistic best to explore the medium of cinema which gives them a living while Kalyan could only cash in to the cable work done by stunt performers. The film is not the one to be criticized because no doctor can treat an already dead patient so if someone out there can’t resist power star’s folly stardom than they may go and watch this film.

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