Aditya Narayan gets bail after slamming Auto rickshaw with his car

Aditya Narayan gets bail after slamming Auto rickshaw with his car
Written by Abhishek Rana

Aditya Narayan has gotten bail after he was jailed for slamming an auto rickshaw with his car, which caused severe injury to the driver and the passenger in it. Aditya has been granted bail on the guarantee of Rs 10, 000, and he has been asked to remain in the police station for the day. The condition of the auto rickshaw driver is being reported as critical, however, there has been no fatality in the accident yet. The singer had been mistaken for a famous actor when the eye witnesses saw him at the accident site. The accident happend at Lokhandwala Backroad, and according to the reports, Aditya was driving quite recklessly. He was driving his Mercedes.

Aditya has been at the centre of another controversy before, when he had misbehaved with the staff of Indigo staff few months ago. The singer/actor, who isn’t as popular as his father, Udit Narayan, hosts music television show, Sa Re ga ma pa little champs.

Although Aditya took both of the injured men to the hospital, the charges were against him nonetheless. This is surely going to be a controversial moment in his life, and withb a  his commitment to the show, it would be difficult professionally too. Aditya has been a television personality for a long time, and has been seen in many shows, mostly oriented toward music and comedy.

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