Aditi Rao Hydari wins ‘Best Actress Critic’ for Bhoomi

Aditi Rao Hydari wins ‘Best Actress Critic’ for Bhoomi

Aditi Rao Hydari gave a fine performance in ‘Bhoomi’ for which she received Best Actress Critic at Dada Saheb Phalke Awards. Bhoomi is undoubtedly one of the worst Sanjay Dutt film of all time but Aditi did her job right. It’s the screenplay of the film which failed itself big time and went extremely stereotypical Hindi film routine which has been going from the 60’s. Film was very predictable and did not seem to have any effort in dialogues whatsoever except a few lines coming out of Dutt’s mouth and acting experience of dealing with mediocrity.

Aditi’s performance could not save the film because nothing else was making sense including direction which was rather lame and unproductive. Sharad Kelkar’s villain was the final nail in coffin which lead to the sinking of Bhoomi into the dark abyss of bad Hindi films which won’t ever be spoken about. Sharad is a fine performer himself but the arc of his character was so straight that he did not have much to play with except deliver lines looking straight into the camera like very old villain school of Danny Denzongpa and Ranjit.

Aditi portrayed the character of a girl from Agra who gets raped by a bunch of goons and later ridiculed by society in victim shaming. She has to live her life with whatever dignity is left but the societal pressure is not being kind to her. Sanjay decides to hunt down the criminals instead of siting down quietly and waiting for the justice to come from the judicial department which usually takes up more than forever. Aditi’s character was well sketched in the broader scope of plot but intricate details were missing though she personally tried to bring in as much femininity she could from her end of understanding.

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