Adam West, the Batman of the TV, dead at 88

Adam West, the Batman of the TV, dead at 88
Written by Shruti Bhatt

The legendary actor Adam West (aka William West Anderson) who played the role of comic book character Batman in an ABC network program in the sixties passed away on 9th of June in Los Angeles at the age of 88. With a career spanning seven decades, West played different versions of himself on series such as Family Guy and The Simpsons doing voice over for animated characters. Reports state that he passed away after a short battle with leukemia.

West changed his name soon after entering the industry reasoning Adam sounded good with his middle name West. He then appeared in the iconic Batman TV series on ABC network which was a typical sixties kitsch production, becoming an iconic series with it “Wham! Pew!” appearing on the TV screen making it one of a kind series of that time. However, the series flopped as fast as it had become famous declining after the first two seasons.

West, who was severely typecast after his success se Batman in his youth, confessed in his later years that it took him some time to make his peace with the character of Batman given its profound effect on his life. He also published an autobiography in 1994 named Back to the Batcave. He got his star on the Hoywood Walk of Fame on April 5, 2012.

He found a new connection to a new generation in 2000’s when he appeared on Family Guy playing Adam West, the corrupt and greedy city Mayor. Having distinctive voice and delivery style, West got very famous with his voice over performances. West also appeared as himself on the 200th episode on the famous and successful TV series The Big Bang Theory as himself marking the 50th year of the release of the Batman.

West is survived by his family who soon after his death released a statement expressing their deep love and emotions for West. “Our dad always saw himself as The Bright Knight, and aspired to make a positive impact on his fans’ lives. He was and always will be our hero,” the statement read.

His death was followed by condolences and loving messages from friends and fans around the globe. RIP Adam West. You will be missed.


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