Actor Edekkalu Chandrashekhar passes away

Actor Edekkalu Chandrashekhar passes away

Prolific Kannada actor Edekkalu Chandrashekhar passed away due to heart attack on 27 January in Canada. Chnadrashekhar was suffering with some cardiac issues before he got the attack and died instantly as the attack was massive. Chandrashekhar is widely regarded for his role as Nanjunda in Edekallu Guddada  which was released in 1973 and served as the major cause of fame in his life. Chandrashekhar inspired a generation of actors in Kannada films and went onto do many more remembered parts in several other films and Television serials in his 4 decade career.

Chandrashekhar’s last film was 3 Gante 30 Dina 30 Second released on January 19. Chandrashekhar was one of the most artistic character actor of all time though he was never a successful leading man in the movies. He went onto do great work in Television series such as Yeradu Kanasu and was hugely appreciated for his subtle portrayal of a complex human being that he created and enjoyed the success of for a long time. Not many actors in the world have shelf life this long and it takes ultimate talent like Chandrashekhar to work in films and stay relevant till his death literally.

As his sheer hardwork goes Chandrashekhar has worked in almost 60 films in his lifetime and chose each and every one of those roles very carefully. Chandrashekhar could be called the master of disguise as he had this unique ability to submit himself into the roles he is playing and dwell really deep down the rabbit hole in order to understand the great mysteries of this performing arts. He was truly one of the most important jewels of Indian cinema and the artistic medium suffers a great loss today with the demise of this unbelievable artist but he will also be remembered by those who have seen his work as he had a way to leave the lasting impression with his extraordinary expressions.

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