Ketta Shiva Motta Shiva aka ACP Shiva in Hindi : Movie Review

Ketta Shiva Motta Shiva aka ACP Shiva in Hindi : Movie Review

This movie is made by Raghava Lawrence in Tamil as “Ketta Shiva Motta Shiva” and did good business in tollywood. Now it is dubbed in hindi and titled as “ACP Shiva”. The trailer of this movie released earlier and it is looking good. Lets see that how this movie does there in Hindi.

The movie is directed by Sai Ramani and featured Raghava Lawrence, Ashutosh Rana, Nikki Galrani and Sathyaraj as lead characters. It will be interesting to see Ashutosh Rana back again in negative role.He has done quite impressive acting featuring in negative role in his older movies as well.

The plot of the movie goes like this:- 

The plot is around a corrupt IPS officer Shiva (Raghava Lawrence) who gets himself transferred to Chennai and exploits his power to gain financial benefits in unconventional ways.During this practice, he also boosts a local MP named GK (Ashutosh Rana) who has become a huge problem to Kirubakaran (Sathyaraj), the Commissioner of Chennai. Shiva occurs to be Kirubakaran’s son, who is angry on his father over negligence killing of his mother (Suganya) and just born sister during a riot. But the truth is Kiruba had actually left his wife in the hospital to save several families in a riot. Unaware of this whole story Shiva left Kiruba and joined an orphanage and became an IPS officer to seek revenge on his father.

During his life at Chennai, Shiva also meets two women; Jaanu (Nikki Galrani) journalist working for TV5 and Nithya, a deaf-mute philanthropist who works in a coffee shop. He falls in love with Jaanu and expects her to reciprocate the same,but Jannu rejects him because of his corrupt nature. Nithya, a deaf-mute girl gets killed by GK’s brother Sanjay (Vamsi Krishna) when she tries to save a techie from being assaulted sexually by him near HITEC City building.

Shiva considered Nithya as his sister and her death incenses him and he turns against GK. GK wants to make Sanjay a politician while Shiva challenges GK to save Sanjay from getting arrested. Shiva and Gk get into open challenge fight against each other. Shiva arrests Sanjay with a non bailable warrant. He also challenges GK to bring Sanjay out of jail within 3 days. Meanwhile Shiva and Jaanu get approval of marriage by kiruba as the father and son get united.

GK, kidnappes both Jaanu and Kiruba and challenges Shiva to save them by bringing his brother to him. Meanwhile, Kiruba and his team along with the transgender are killed by GK and his partners. Sanjay and his friends are released from the jail and Shiva plans to kill all of them. Shiva and his team assault one of GK’s partners and his son and throw them on a railway track. They die with a non-stoppable train passing over them. GK’s two key men get killed by transgender people and police, with the help of Subhash. GK somehow plans to run away to Delhi along with his brother Sanjay to gain his position as an MP again with high security but is trapped by Santhosh. They reach the same spot where Kiruba was lying unconscious; Shiva set the duo car on fire with help of police and team. Shiva find out that his father is not dead and takes him to hospital and save his father life.

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