Aapla Manus movie review: Nana Patekar is all things cliche more so than film!

Aapla Manus movie review: Nana Patekar is all things cliche more so than film!

Aapla Manus is Ajay Devgn’s first venture into Marathi film production starring Nana Patekar and Sumeet Raghavan in the lead roles. By genre this film is a crime drama and plot of the story is fairly simple without exactly a second half conflict or anti climax twist. Sumeet Raghavan’s character’s father commits suicide by jumping off the building and Nana Patekar shows up as an investigation office for the case. Now, this is the conflict of the film established in the first 15 minutes and after that it is just one directional.

Sumeet Raghavan is the prime suspect in the case and his behavior towards his father’s death is extremely vague and condescending despite of this Nana is making passive efforts to almost be friends with this guy by telling him that if he is he suspect, Nana will figure it out and put him in jail. Raghavan’s casualness about his father’s suicide is extremely filmy and in real life if one is the killer or not, would not have this kind of an altitude which would purposely make anyone doubt him.

Nana Patekar plays an extremely cliched and stereotypical character of a hard ass cop who has got nothing to worry about and could not care less regarding the sensitivity of a person or case. He would not wear uniform because he simple does not feel like it and shall break the law more so than criminal in the manner of investigating. It is this break free character of Nana that he portrayed in every second film in the 90’s and made him the star he is but decades later he is not changing the rubik’s cube at all in order to fit the modern day storytelling. Overall Aapla Manus should only be watched if there is basically no electricity in the house and still nothing better to do.













Aapla Manus movie review

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