Aamir Khan stands with a sanitary pad in his hand to promote ‘ Padman’

Aamir Khan stands with a sanitary pad in his hand to promote ‘ Padman’

Twinkle Khanna, producer of Padman took to twitter and started a campaign to promote Padman in which she is nominating male actors to click a picture with a pad in their hands and tell people that it is totally normal to do so. Twinkle Khanna nominated superstar Aamir Khan and he accepted the challenge by clicking a picture of himself with a sanitary pad in hand and he further nominated Shahrukh Khan, Amitabh Bachchan and Salman Khan to do the Padman challenge on social media and nominate more people.

Akshay Kumar starrer Padman is finally standing on the verge of a release on 9 February and social media challenge trends are the latest way to promote content on social networking sites. This tactic got famous’d by Ice Bucket Challenge which took place among Hollywood community and actors participated in it whole heartedly. Aamir has thrown the gauntlet to the biggies of Hindi cinema now and it is yet to be seen if they perform this challenge or clarify their busy schedules in the media for next 6 months of why they could not click a picture which has nothing technical in it.

Neither of the actors have performed the challenge as of yet and it would be interesting to see Salman Khan with a sanitary pad in his hands because he sells his hard bound masculinity in his films through his roles as a superstar and that’s why fans are bound to him. Amitabh Bachchan has already associated himself with enough number of social causes with the government that he was almost in all the advertisements concerning public service information so standing with a pad in the hand should not exactly be a big deal for him. Shahrukh Khan is known to break stereotypes and perform in women welfare activities as he might do this challenge ut it is great to see Hindi cinema stars standing to promote a cause which in turn is promoting the film and it is so much better than just promoting the film.

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