Did Aamir Khan really pierced his nose?

Did Aamir Khan really pierced his nose?

We cannot assert the people wrong who call Aamir Khan a perfectionist. The man of his words has proved that he is truly a perfectionist as he does everything to make his role in the movies as perfect and as real as possible.

Recently, he has undergone a drastic change by getting his nose pierced. People are assuming that he has undergone this change due to his upcoming flick Thugs of Hindostan.

On Tuesday, Sushant Singh Rajput shared a picture with Aamir Khan a social platform that is Instagram. In the picture, Aamir Khan is seen wearing a small stud on his nose. The picture wass entitled “And when you meet ‘Inspiration’ in the process”!!

Earlier also he has undergone many changes for making his role look real. In the movie PK he has to shoot with a painful element behind his ears. In the movie Dangal also, he gained 25kg and also lost a lot of weight to get back in shape for playing a younger wrestler in the film.

In the movie Ghajini which was released in the year 2008, he got his head shaved in a different style. In the movie Dhoom 3 also he underwent drastic changes. So this is how Aamir Khan works for his movies.


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