Aamir Khan comments on SC Firecrackers ban in Delhi/NCR

Aamir Khan comments on SC Firecrackers ban in Delhi/NCR
Written by Abhishek Rana

Aamir Khan seems to be the first celebrity to comment on the ruling, and his views have been in favor of the decision. Although he was careful and diplomatic, but Aamir was eloquent in his answer when he was asked about the topic at the PVR previlige card in Delhi. Aamir Khan is the biggest star in Bollywood and his new movie, Secret Superstar is about to be released on 29th October 2017, so he has been hot on his heels for promoting the movie, and recently commented on the Supreme Courts decision to ban firecrackers in Delhi and NCR up till 31st October, which means people in Delhi would have to celebrate the Diwali festival without any crackers.

The decision has had a volatile effect across the social media, where some people are glad that they wouldn’t have to face the same inconvenience as last year and some are angry because they think that this violates the right of the Hindu Festival and Hindus.

He said that he didn’t play with firecrackers because he was afraid of their sounds and still is, and he usually spent the Diwali reconnecting with his friends, but he asked everyone to have a safe Diwali and try not to hurt each other if they decide to play with firecrackers.

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