Aake movie: A movie that will surely scare you

Aake movie: A movie that will surely scare you
Written by Priyanka sarangi

Aake is a Indian Kannada movie featuring Sharmilela Mandre and Chiranjeevi Sarja in the lead roles. Achyuth Kumar and Prakash Belawadi played the supporting roles in the movie. The movie is said to be a remake of the movie Maya that has been directed by Ashwin Saravanan.

The movie Aake has been produced and distributed by Eros International and its has been produced and distributed Kannada movie for the first time. The original soundtrack for the movie has been composed by Gurukiran. The film is reported to be the first Indo-British collaboration with most of the filming done in London, United Kingdom.

The cast of the movie includes:

Sharmiela Mandre as Maya
Chiranjeevi Sarja as Arjun
Achyuth Kumar
Prakash Belawadi

If we go by the trailer of the movie, then we get to know that the movie is a horror based movie adapted in London. The story comprises of a girl who is taken to mental asylum and then all the horror based things happen.

The makers of the movie don’t deny the fact that Aake is a remake of the movie Maya. Chaitanya, the maker of the movie Maya said that he only gave the rights to the director of the movie Aake, Ashwin Saravanan. According to Ashwin there were four reasons to work on this project. Firstly, he loved the original story and the complexity of the movie Maya. Secondly the producers of the movie gave a free hand to adapt the original script. Lasltly, Ashwin got the opportunity to work with the British technicians and could also place the story in UK.

Altogether the movie is good as the trailer tells us. The movie is set to release on 9th June. Til then lets have a look at the trailer of the movie:

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