Aadu 2 movie review: Joyous and witty

Aadu 2 movie review: Joyous and witty

Aadu 2, directed by Midhun Manuel Thomas, is the sequel of the commercially unsuccessful Aadu, that was released in 2015. The movie stars Jayasurya as Shaji Pappan, and Sunny Waynes as Satan Xaviour among many others. It is another comedy movie that also feels different because of the social context, even though this time there is less social commentary than before and the movie is primarily a comedy. And the actors are so in sync with each other that they’re the ones who make the movie worth watching than any other reason. But you might also admire the craft and the music by Shaan Rahman, which is poppy and blends wonderfully with the plot.

The movie has a lot of scenes that feel like they were added because the writers thought they wanted more jokes, but, it still works because the actors sell them with wit and bravado. Director Midhun Manuel Thomas does great work as the director, and the movie is also pleasant to look at, rather than just being funny and bland looking. In one scene, the flare of a blast is seen with a striking contrast to the evening sky, and it looks breathtaking. The movie has some other cool action set pieces and action sequences too.

Aadu, released in 2015 has become a cult favorite among the audiences, and the sequel has been one of the most anticipated movies of the year. People have been waiting to see what Shaji and his friends will be upto this time, and they won’t be surprised when they watch the movie that most of the gang has not changed one bit, neither have the chemistry between the characters lessened. They’re as hilarious as always, and I recommend watching the movie with your friends so that you too can enjoy it even more.

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