Aadhi movie review: Pranav Mohanlal’s debut exceeds Mohanlal

Aadhi movie review: Pranav Mohanlal’s debut exceeds Mohanlal

Aadhi is a Malayalam film about an aspiring musician who loves the art and wants to be a professional music director. Son of celebrated actor Mohanlal, Pranav Mohanlal is making his debut with this film though he has acted as a child artist in a few note-able films. Story of the film takes place in a middle class household where a boy is having the dream of becoming a celebrated musician but life gets it’s own plans in the way to that dream as the boy finds himself in crime situations of big city as he moves in.

Screenplay of the film is very novel and should be celebrated though the core plot is dull but this is natural as there are only so many stories to tell in this world and just a handful of emotions to tap but how one unfolds his/her story is the only genius in cinema. Before acting in this film Pranav Mohanlal became an Assistant director with Jeetu Joseph in last two films of his in order to understand his working style since he has already planned to debut in his films. Jeetu’s cinema is extremely artistic and shot taking is beautiful especially in a limited budget.

Aadhi’s unfolding of the story is frightening and harrowing which rather dabbles in to the dark zone of a human psyche though it starts on a very light note and the drastic change of tonality gives the impression of a journey that the character is actually going through in the minds of audience. Dialogues of the film are very realistic and in brilliant contrast with highly imaginative and poetic lyrics of the music which is an entire backbone of the story. Best part about the character is his undying innocence even in the time of calamity in his life. Aadhi is a rather must watch by anyone who can.

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