3 Dev Movie Review: A comic attempt on the Hindu Mythology of ‘Tri-Devas’

Written by Aman Kumar Singh

Using Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh, the ‘Tri-Devas’ of the Hindus as concept of the film director Ankoosh Bhatt has created a comedy which will not make you ROFL but it will definitely make you go LOL. The over-cliched concept of “the good-for-nothing main characters somehow entangling themselves in a situation which is too good to be true at first but gets out of hand after some time and then they do things which would right their wrongs” is at play here.

The film casts Karan Singh Grover as Vishnu, Ravi Dubey as Brahma and Kunaal Roy Kapur as Shiv, the “Tri-Devas” of Hindu Mythology. With such names of the characters one would expect the characters to have some of the Godly attributes which the three Gods are known for but the case is exact opposite. While one is a thief in the movie with the other being a sharp-mouthed liar and the third stays engulfed in the thick smoke of weed all day. Following the Bollywood’s trend the movie throws an item number into the film which had no need in the film. The industry veteran Kay Kay Menon plays as Shanu in the film who is known for his iconic roles in Haider and Life in a metro. His character part-takes in the comic adventures of the 3’devas’ and needless to say he slays his role in the film.

In a superstition dominated country like ours where even a stone with red mark is treated as God and is prayed before touching the ever-sensitive subject of religion and presenting it in a comic way takes more than guts. But the director and the script writer did it so that no religious intentions would be hurt. Will the comic nature of the film tip the box office in their favor only time will tell. The music of the film is given by Sajid–Wajid which is good and adds to the comic element of the film. Karan makes his return after a 3 years gap from the industry and has already few projects under his belt for 2018. Ravi’s delivery of dialogues is on point and Kunaal’s role as Shiva is on point with the weed smoke clouded character and the eccentric attitude.

Overall, it’s a good film which does justice to its genre of comedy. If one is looking for a few laughs on the weekends one should go and check out this movie.

3 Dev Movie Review: A comic attempt on the Hindu Mythology of 'Tri-Devas'

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