2.0 movie: Two audio songs launch today from Dubai, Burj

Two songs from the movie 2.0, starring RajniKant and Akshay Kumar, will be released today, from Dubai. The movie is scheduled to be released on 25 January 2018. The songs are in Tamil language and are written by Na Muthu Kumar and Madhan Karky, with music from Oscar winning composer A.R Rahman. The launch will take place in Burj Park, Downtown Dubai at 6 PM Local Time (7:30 PM IST), and the show will be hosted by Rana Daggubati and RJ Balaji. There had been a live conference tomorrow, which had been attended by the entire main cast, including the female lead, Amy Jackson.

The movie is probably the most expensive ever made in India and will be employing high-tech 3D technique to enhance the experience of the audience. Akshay Kumar is playing the villain of the story but he said that he will be playing a more dimensional character than someone who is purely evil.

Amy Jackson also said that she would be playing a character that we haven’t seen before, and that the movie is going to be conscious about climate change and politics. The music launch show is being anticipated by a lot of people online, and will be attended by many too.


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