2.0 movie epic songs launched: Endhira Logathu Sundariye and Raajali make their debut in Dubai

Written by Abhishek Rana

2.0, the biggest movie made in India, launched the first two tamil songs from the movie, and they’re as epic as anyone could’ve hoped for. The titles of the songs are, Endhira Logathu Sundariye, which is sung by Sid Sriram and Shashaa Tirupati and the second song is named, Raajali, which is sung by Blaaze, Arjun Chandy and Sid Sriram. Both of the songs have beautiful music from the great musician A.R Rahman, and they both sound very epic and glorious and will appeal to people who understand Tamil, and can thus sing along, and those who like the good music too.

The songs were launched in an epic scale that was appreciated and lauded across the social media, because the movie trended very widely on Twitter and then went to trend Worldwide, which is a very great achievement. The show was set up like an awards ceremony and a festive mood floated around the ceremony, as the cast, RajniKant, Akshay Kumar and Amy Jackson arrived and everyone had a huge fun, before the songs were released through the twitter handle of the movie. The songs were then performed by actress Amy Jackson.

2.0 is scheduled to be released on 25 January 2018, and if it maintains this level of excitment and hype, it surely is going to be the biggest movie of the decade.


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