10 Things we learned and more from ‘Sanju’ teaser starring Ranbir Kapoor

Sanjay Dutt is perhaps the most charismatic actor in Hindi cinema and his adventurous life is a proof of that. Ranbir Kapoor calls this ‘a science fiction’ film more so than a biopic genre. No actor in the world has really ever gone through so much trouble and came out of it to do films again. There are several convicts in Hollywood like Harvey Weinstein which were discovered recently and now they don’t seem to be having any chance whatsoever for a career ahead. Sanjay is unique because he took the crimes up his shoulder and went to jail so that he can finally come out as a free man.

Upon his release from jail, he said that he wanted to be a free man for 23 years which is why he did not appeal for a pardon and straight away got convicted for 5 years under arms act. Manyata Dutt is his third wife as he has been divorced twice from failed marriages before. His mother Nargis Dutt died a few months before of his 1981 release ‘Rocky’ which launched him as an action star. Sunil Dutt actually came from Pakistan during the partition and initially settled down in Haryana as a farmer.

Dutt could not make it to the graduation ceremony of his eldest daughter Trishala because they would not grant him visa to go to United States of America. According to the teaser of his biopic ‘Sanju’, Dutt had 308 girlfriends.One time out of India he had to beg on the road for some money to get a bus ticket. Dutt had serious drug addiction issues because of which he almost lost his lungs at the age of 22 but he never gave up and build himself to the monument of physical perfection. He is now the first Indian actor to have a biopic on which will come out on 29 June.

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