Bihar BSEB Board Class 10th Results 2017: Top 10 Physically Verified, Pass Percentage Goes Up

Bihar BSEB Board Class 10th Results 2017: Top 10 Physically Verified, Pass Percentage Goes Up
Written by Shruti Bhatt

Today around 1 PM, Bihar School Examination Board declared the results for the Secondary Examination. Over 50 per cent students have been announced to clear the exam out of which 13.9 are first division, 26.8 second division while 9.8 percent were announced passed in the third division. The exam was taken by more than 17.2 lakh students, while a staggering 8.6 lakh students have cleared the exam. It is to be noted that the results for the exam are announced very late even by State Board standards given that last year the results were out on 30th May.

The State Board earlier this month had decided to award grace marks to students failing upto two subjects in Secondary Board exams, which resulted in the pass percentage getting upped from the last year. The pass percentage for the Board exam last year was recorded to be a mere 46.6%. It is speculated that the step to award grace was taken after reports of mere 35 students clearing the State Board exam had emerged.

The Bihar School Examination Board or (BSEB) has been the victim of scandals over the past few years. The Board’s Senior Secondary toppers Ganesh Kumar and Ruby Rai were splattered all over the national media in the recent past showcasing the standard of the examination and the validity of the results. While Ganesh Kumar, being unable to answer questions related to his courses on TV, was found to be 42 years old and father of two, instead of his claims of 22; Ruby Rai pronounced political science “prodigal science” and claimed the subject was about cooking.

To make sure no such thing is repeated now, the State Board apparently has physically verified the toppers this time. What exactly physical verification included is unclear, but BSEB chairman Anand Kishor reportedly said that BSEB introduced physical verification to top 10 students, and they were already notified of it.

The reports have stated that Prem Kumar of Shree Govind High School Mano, Lakhisarai has topped the exam with 93%, scoring 465 out of 500. Whilst Bhavya Kumari of Simultala residential school in Jamui came a very close second with 464 out of 500 marks (92.8%), Harshita Kumari followed her on the third spot with 462 out of 500 (92.4%) marks.

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