SSC paper leak, CBI files complaint against 17 people in the case

SSC paper leak, CBI files complaint against 17 people in the case

The Central Bureau of Investigation has filed a complaint against 17 people in relation to the SSC graduate level paper leak case. The list of people who have been named in the complaint, include the 10 employees from the Sify Technologies Pvt Ltd. The agency carried out search operations at Sify Technologies Pvt Ltd in Chennai, Noida, Mumbai and Okhla, New Delhi, and also at the residence of Sant Prasad Gupta, who lives in Sheik Saria area. CBI also mentioned the names of seven students, who had given the examination with the prior knowledge of the questions, since they had been able to get the screen shot of the question paper.

The report by CBI suggest that the examination papers were set in a certain sequence, so that the examinee had to answer them in a specific manner. These patterns helped the CBI find the culprit students. They have been accused in the case, but how much they were involved in the case will be determined as the investigation progresses to court. The employees of Sify were suspected because the company was given the responsibility to conduct the examinations, which included the identities of exam centers and

Sant Prasad Gupta, is the custodian of the question bank at Sify. The other seven people were site managers at the places where the leaked papers had been sent to the people. The examination was conducted in two levels, the first being in August last year, and then the second level of the examination was held between February 17 and February 22 2018.

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