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Rajasthan Police Recruitment: Internet services will disrupted, Administration on high alert

Rajasthan Police Recruitment: Internet services will disrupted, Administration on high alert
Written by Abhishek Lohia

Rajasthan Police constable recruitment examination 2018 will take place on July 14 and July 15. Examination for 13 thousand 142 posts of Constable in Rajasthan Police, preparations were being made for the last several days from the administration and now the police have completed their preparations. Large-scale arrangements have been completed for this examination in 664 centers of Rajasthan. Along with the special guidelines for candidates, the decision has been taken to close jammer and internet services at the examination center. It has been clarified in the guidelines issued by the police that any candidate appearing in the examination will not wear the clothes of the entire side and will not attend the examination center. However, if someone does this, then the policeman staff there will let him go after cutting his sleeve with the scissors.

Apart from this, his shoe slippers will be dropped before entering the examination center and his presence will be recorded in a biometric manner. While adequate arrangements have been made about security by Rajasthan Police, on the other hand, the special guidelines have also been issued by Police for the candidates who appear in the examination. After the mess in the examination conducted earlier, this time monitoring will be conducted on the PHHQ level. About security arrangements at the examination centers, more than 10 thousand police officers, including RAAC, will be deployed.

Apart from this, special teams of SOG, ATS, and IB are also engaged in constant work. Jammer and CCTV cameras have been installed at the examination centers, which have been linked to Abhay Command Center. Also, the drones will be monitored as well. The police headquarters has directed all district SPs that they can decide to shut down the internet as per their requirement. It is believed that in order to prevent any kind of hacking, internet services will be closed from 8 am to 5 pm in the examination centers. All arrangements have been made to prevent duplication in the examination.

Guidelines for Students

  1. Candidate will have to take the latest two passport size photographs, two transparent ball pen, photo ID
  2. Women candidates do not wear any kind of jewelry, earrings, chains, rings etc.
  3. Duty to 8 thousand people, including the superintendent, probationer, company representative, will be held at examination centers.
  4. All the in-charges will be active in the examination centers from 7 am to 7 pm, the Central Superintendent will have a mobile phone.
  5. A flying squad at every 4 centers, one deputy on 4 squads will remain monitored.
  6. The cars carrying paper boxes will be taken by armed policemen

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