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Punjab Engineering College to hike annual fee

Punjab Engineering College to hike annual fee

Punjab Engineering College has increased the annual fee from the next academic session i.e. 2018-19. The university will now collect 9.09%  more fees for all the courses. The current tuition fee will be increased from the next session. The proposed hike from 2018-19 and for subsequent five sessions is for the new students. The fee of the Post-graduate is not increasing. The current annual tuition fee has increased from its current fee by 10,000. Admission charge will go up from 6000 to 6500 and the hostel fee has increased from 48000 to 50000. The maintenance charge of 7000 is now raised to 8000.

The director of Punjab Engineering College claimed that the institute board of governor has approved the proposed hike for only the next session but the proposal of fee for 2019-2023 is still under consideration. This university is very old university. PEC has not only increased the fee structure of B.Tech but has also increased the fee structure of all the courses that the university has. The authorities claimed that the increase in fee is necessary for the hiring of new staff , expenditure on building new centers and certain different expenses.

The college has only increased fee structure of under graduate courses. As the university wants to adopt good batch of students for Post graduates, they have not increased the fee of students of post graduates. The campus wants to attract good talents so they are not increasing the fee of post graduates. This rise in the fee is not for the students who are pursuing the course. Punjab Engineering College has increased the fee only for the session 2018-2019. The college has increased the fees in all aspects i.e. tuition fee, maintenance charge, hostel fee. For the upcoming session, the fee in all things will increase. The students who are already pursuing the course are at a benefit.

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