NEET 2018 question paper available in all languages confirmed by Supreme Court

NEET 2018 question paper available in all languages confirmed by Supreme Court

NEET 2018 application form is scheduled to be released next week. Just before releasing the application form, CBSE has confirmed that the question paper will be same for all the languages. No difference will be there in any question of NEET 2018 question paper irrespective of any language. CBSE has confirmed this to supreme court that all the question papers will be same from this year. A single exam paper will be set and then the question paper will be translated into the regional language. Earlier, the NEET exam was conducted in ten languages.

CBSE board was questioned about the question paper of regional language being difficult due to language so the board decided to have one question paper and later translate it to regional languages. Many students have requested the Supreme court to cancel the examination but the decision of the court was to conduct a uniform way of holding the exam and so one question paper criteria was chosen. By setting different question papers, the capability of the students cannot be analysed. CBSE has faced many issues regarding the different question paper criteria followed from long back so this year CBSE decided to set the same question paper for all the students.

The examination date of NEET 2018 is confirmed and it will take place on May 6, 2018. Students will not only be provided with the regional language but the language that will follow in every question paper is English. If the students finds anything not understanding they can refer the english language in the question paper. NEET is a single entrance test for all the government medical colleges. The application form will be available from the next week. The form will be available on the official website of CBSE. From this year all the students demand are considered so they find no difficulty in appearing for the same.

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