Mumbai University Results delay leads to High Court petition by students seeking compensation

Mumbai University Results delay leads to High Court petition by students seeking compensation
Written by Priyanka sarangi

As a result of delay by the Mumbai University in declaring the results, three law students have approached the Bombay High Court seeking compensation of Rs 10 lakh each for the loss they have faced effecting their career. The students have asked for the compensation in regards to the loss in their educational and employment opportunities caused to them due to the delay by the university.

The students who filed the petition are Abhishek Bhat, Sachin Parwar and Ravishekhar Pandey and have said that because of the delay caused by the university’s new onscreen marking scheme, they have lost the chance to seek admissions in many national and international univerities for the Master’s Degree as new academic sessions at most such universities have already begun. This has resulted in infringement of their fundamental rights and have also caused them a mental agony.

This is not the first time that the Mumbai University has caused a delay in declaring the results. This happened in the year 2016 too when out of 388 examinations conducted by the respondent university only 210 results were declared after the expiry of the statutory period of 45 days. The students expected that the online marking process will reduce the malpractices and also there will not be any delay in the assessment process too. But the opposite happened and a chaos took place like never before. One of the petitioners, Ravishekhar Pandey who have applied for several foreign universities and one of them being the Queen Mary University in London for the master’s degree in law missed the last date that was July 31.

Due to this reason they have urged the High Court an amount of Rs 10,00,000 as a compensation amount on the account of loss suffered due to the delay in the result. Lets see what the things take place further and by what time the university declares its results.

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