Mumbai University Result website crashes with Bad request error

Mumbai University Result website crashes with Bad request error
Written by Karu Cheema

Mumbai university results 2017 website crashed with a bad request message and frequent delays, results were expected to be declared today on it, after Maharashtra governor directed university to declare the result by July 31st. Many students have been in a fix due to delay in announcement of results and Mumbai university website crash will definitely send students into tizzy. It is still unclear whether university results would be announced today or not.

Due to delay their was a massive protests by the students forcing the state government to start a probe into the cause of the delay. As a part of Juxtapose , governor pro-actively gave a deadline until 31st July to declare the mumbai university result to Vice Chancellor.

After trying multiple times candidates noticed intermittent screens and Connection time out errors. After trying multiple times Bad request message started appearing. Deadline date by the governor was announced on 4th of July and delay result due to technological failure would be a big embarrassment for the university, if it is not readily fixed.

Earlier in turn of events, state Congress spokesperson Sachin Sawant, demanded resignation of the Mumbai University Vice Chancellor Sanjay Deshmukh due to the delay. He alleged that his appointed circumvented many rightful and more eligibile for vice chancellor position. State Congress alleged that Sawant appointment was due to his close proximity with RSS.

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