Mumbai University 2017 result delay: Students and Teachers to protest today

Mumbai University 2017 result delay: Students and Teachers to protest today

The Mumbai University 2017 delay of the result led to the students and teachers protest at the University’s Fort campus. The BUCTU Bombay University and College Teachers Union organising a teacher student demonstration against the delay of the result and the glitches teachers face while evaluating papers. This protest has been taken place because of the total failure of the University in declaring results. The numbers of teachers and students are expected to join the protest against the failure of declaring a result. The results were delayed due to the last-minute implementation of the online evaluation process under the current Vice Chancellor Dr Sanjay Deshmukh. The teachers complained that they are unnecessarily blamed for the delay. And it delaying due to technical glitches of the assessment system.

Students are getting more anxious over the last few days for the resulting delay. Whereas on the other hand teacher gets tensed because of the technical glitches and errors. They have to go to their evaluation centres regularly. However, the result is delayed due to numerous glitches in the online system because of which teachers are able to correct very few papers. Teachers are demanding and asked the University to improve their system first before blaming teachers. This protest march is expected to begin at 3 pm today. As per the report, there are over 10 lakh papers remained to be evaluated as a result University will not be able to stick to the 31st July deadline set by the Governor. As per now, there is no official information unveiled by the University about the result declaration.

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