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Mukherjee Nagar Student Violence: Why Delhi police Lathi-charged over students?

Mukherjee Nagar Student Violence: Why Delhi police Lathi-charged over students?
Written by Abhishek Lohia

In the Mukherjee Nagar of Delhi, local residents and students preparing for competitive examinations have clashed on several issues. There are reports of injuries to many people. During the clash, many cars have also been damaged. After the tension, heavy police force has been deployed in Mukherjee Nagar, Nehru Vihar, and its nearest areas. Students living in Mukherjee Nagar are accused that facilities are not provided in lieu of the fare given to them here. Little talk of this thing happens many times. On Wednesday, the students had also taken a march for the same issue. There was a tension in the area after that Candle March. Students preparing for competitive examinations have alleged that when a student went to pay his rent to the dealer yesterday, he raised problems and said facilities are not being provided.

Students have alleged that after that property dealer Dimpy closed the gate and that student was beaten by his sandal(Chappal). When other students came to know about this, quite a few students gathered in a while and started to oppose it. Within a short time, the local people started a skirmish against the students.

What’s the matter?

According to the report, on 10 August a clash happened between a property dealer, Dimpy and a student of Nehru Vihar. There is an allegation that when the student went to the police station, the FIR was refused. When the students were united on this, the police lathi-charged them. Students will be conducting a candle march in Nehru Vihar on Saturday evening, against this attitude and with many demands.

It is alleged that stone-effort is being followed by the students and they broke 6-7 cars, which were of local people. Although the students have denied it. They say that the locals themselves have broken their cars and now they are trying to reverse the charges against the students. Students are also accused that local people often indulge in abusive students. Being from other states, they are often teased in many ways. At present, heavy police force has been deployed here. Delhi Police has gathered in the investigation of the case.

In this incident, the author of ‘Dark Horse‘ and the UPSC aspirant Nilotpal Mrinal, got injured in police Lathi-charge. Nilotpal says, “We are paying four times more the actual cost, We are not locals, we are outsiders and why the hell we are being treated as it? The question is, when a student group was on the road for its legitimate issues and self-esteem, would the police sticks to bury these legitimate issues? When an arrangement openly gives protection to the goons and the police beat up students in their ranks, why our blood not become shed? he further said.

Another candidate(ask to not reveal his name)says, ‘We are giving arbitrarily rent. Property dealers are also plundering. Electricity bills are twice the rate of the government rate. In the name of the room, there is a room without oxygen. They are hitting up the top, they are different. Why? ‘

The incident took place in Nehru Vihar Colony of Timarpur Thana area of North Delhi. Due to coaching institutions in Nehru Vihar and Mukherjee Nagar, this area has become a HubSpot of students. For preparing for competitive examinations, a large number of students from various states are living here in PG and rented apartment. There was a fight was happened between students and locals on Friday evening.


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