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Mukherjee Nagar clash between UPSC Students and locals; Who is responsible?

Mukherjee Nagar clash between UPSC Students and locals; Who is responsible?
Written by Abhishek Lohia

Mukherjee Nagar, Nehru Vihar and Gandhi Vihar, known as the factory of IAS, IPS manufacturing, the Delhi Police staff conducted the lathi-charge on a demonstration of the UPSC students preparing for the Civil Services Examination. In this lathi-charge, Yuva Sahitya Akademi Award winner litterateur Neelotpal Mrinal severely wounded. The students of Mukherjee Nagar and adjoining areas who are staying here from Bihar and other states like, UP, Haryana, and Punjab. The student went to the police station to register a complaint against the property dealers and Mukherjee Nagar locals. Instead of registering a complaint the police beat students only.

What’s the matter?

During the last four-five days in Mukherjee Nagar area, there was a dispute between property dealers and students regarding fare and convenience, and light issue. During this time some students were beaten by local goons. On 10 August, a clash was happened between a property dealer and a student, after that student was beaten by local people, and the dealer because they all were local. The police did not listen to the student when he went to complain about those attackers in the police station. On this, the students gathered at the police station and started registering FIR and demanding action. In the meanwhile, the police raided the mob on the crowd of students, and in this lathi charge, writers of the Dark Horse book, Nilotpal Mrinal, got injured. Bollywood lyricist Rajshekhar has also condemned the lathi-charge by accusing Delhi Police and the landlords of the felony.

In order to regulate the fare system in Mukherjee Nagar, Nehru Vihar, and Gandhi Vihar and to demand the security of outsiders from the hooliganism of local people, a candle march has also been organized in Nehru Vihar on Saturday evening. From a post written on social media, it has come to the notice that one of the students of the fierce mob broke the mirror of a car after which the police ordered lathi-charge.

Students Allegation

There are many coaching in Mukherjee Nagar, Nehru Vihar, Gandhi Vihar area which followed the batches for Civil Services Examination(UPSC and PCS ie) of states as well as central. The coaching students and aspirants live in nearby areas of the coaching. These students, who are preparing for UPSC, have alleged that thousands of rupees are being rented or charged by Hostel owners and Local Builders without any receipt. There is no such facility of proper light and window, the electricity bill is being taken arbitrarily instead of the government rate. Students are demanding that the government should be reinforced in this matter.

What’s Local Say?

The locals allege that the students gather together and do a lot of rage on small things. Not only this, many times they also tease women. People say that as soon as there was a conflict with property dealer + the students got together and started rubbishing stones and broke 6-7 trains. At the same time, students say that the car is broken by the people themselves. There have also been injuries to 5 people in this family. Delhi Police are investigating the case. After seen the situation of the area, the police force has been deployed in the colonies and Mukherjee Nagar.

Due to this violence and fiery atmosphere, some coaching centers have been closed for an indefinite time. Now, the question is that in Mukherjee Nagar, where millions of students live to follow their dream, for the prepration of Competitive exam like IAS, PCS, IPS, SSC-CGL and many more, why Delhi Police ordered Lathi-Charge issue. If anyone of aspirant got severe injuries in that case, then who would like to take the responsibility of that student? Probably nobody….!!!

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Abhishek Lohia

Abhishek Lohia was a Sports and Political Writer working for Newsfolo and is no longer associated with the organization.

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  • I support students protest.
    I condemns lathi charge.
    Local goons should be arrested and tgere shoud be proper mechanism for fair prices for room and mess. That is the main reason behind it. Very bad situation is there in delhi people are living there but local goons are looting them. Police and local have nexus over there. Police just enjoying. Government should do something to regulate such things.

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