Kerala PSC application form to have new option for Transgender

Kerala PSC application form to have new option for Transgender

Kerala PSC application form has introduced a new column for the transgenders. A new category is introduced for these people so that the candidates who are interested in filling the application form can fill it. The main objective of this is to bring the transgender community into the outer world to fill the application form. Keeping them in the criteria of filling the application form was to make them aware of their rights. The procedure of filling the application form is same as the regular procedure. Transgender has to just pick the third option in the whole form rest all the formalities are same.

This has been enacted by the kerala government to increase the number of employment in the education sector. Kerala government has introduced this law so that Transgender can also enroll themselves for the state level exam. This will make the utilisation of the education of the Transgender community. Kerala will be the first state of the whole country which is coming out with many policies on Transgenders. Kerala is also introducing different policies for making the identity cards for the Transgenders. Kerala is making new rules for this. Kerala has implemented many rules for this.

The main efforts are done by Kerala government to introduce different rules for the Transgender. Kerala is the first state which is laying its emphasis on Transgender education and employment. This is done by the State to increase the employment sector and providing education to the people. All the transgenders are made clear that they can apply for all the courses that are given permission for this. Candidates must check all the eligibility of appearing for this. Candidates must visit the official website for all the queries. For the exams that come under the Kerala category must select the third category for appearing.

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