JSC and JDC results, a drop in pass rate

JSC and JDC results, a drop in pass rate
Written by Abhishek Rana

Bangladesh: There has been a significant drop in the pass rates of Junior Secretary Certificate and Junior Dakhil Certificate, as the pass rates have dwindled to 83.63 percent, which is a notable drop of 9.41 percent from earlier year. A large number of students had taken the examination, from which 1,84,397 were able to achieve GPA-5, while last year, 2,81,898 students had been successful in getting high marks. The results were then announced by the Prime Minister of the nation Hasina Sheik. The examinations for both had taken place between November 1 to 8. 24, 68,820 candidates appeared for the exams, out of which 11, 44,778 were men and 13, 24,043 were women. From overseas, 650 teachers gave the examination for JSC.

The rate of the results isn’t very encouraging, as it shows that either the exam papers were difficult or that the candidates were not better prepared. The drop is very significant because of the distance of only one year, so it should be assumed that the papers were difficult to pass. The drop isn’t alarming, but it is enough to show concern to the authorities that the performances of the candidates are not very good and could improve from next year if the exams are either lenient or the candidates are better prepared.

But, it is still admirable that the percentage is still high, even though there is drop in the performances, but there is nothing that can’t be improved as the authorities understand the statistics and numbers. The officials who set up the examination could change the pattern, even without losing the metrics through which they have to access their answers.

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