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JNU teachers opposes viva-voce via skype

JNU teachers opposes viva-voce via skype
Written by Mrinalini Mahajan

JNU has announced that the viva-voce for MPhil and Ph.D will be conducted through skype. The schedule which was released on January 17, 2018 holds the viva-voce test in it. Approximately 300 students get Ph.D and 500 students get MPhil degree each year from this university. The JNU teachers are against this proposal and has called this proposal as the ludicrous proposal. Actual reason for conducting the test via skype is that JNU lacks the infrastructure to conduct this in campus. The teachers of JNU claimed that the medium of conducting the viva-voce will adversely affect the system.

JNU management claims that the university lacks rooms for conducting the viva-voce. The CIS has only one hall equipped and if the viva-voce will be held there, the process will merely be a formality. The teachers’ association also pointed to the circular that said that no reimbursements will be made to external examiners. The class of examiners will be restricted to just the institutions that have internet connectivity. Due to lack of many facilities the university administration wants to conduct viva-voce digitally. This will be conducted at various centers digitally via skype.

The teachers of JNU also claimed that the skype will affect the procedure of admission and the result will be displayed as with merit list. Where many people find it easy to give the viva-voce digitally, the teachers of JNU are against this procedure. As the number of students who will be appearing will be high for viva-voce so the teachers find it difficult to handle all and the university also has less infrastructure to conduct the viva-voce. The university has come up with different set of rules and guidelines this year. The decision has left the faculty aghast. It has serious repercussions for the student as it rules out interaction and ends out transparency.


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