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Jadavpur University Protest: students end protest after 36 hours

Jadavpur University Protest: students end protest after 36 hours
Written by Karu Cheema

Student of Jadavpur University protest from last 36 hour were protesting due to the decision taken by Bengal government to replace the existing student union to the nominated student union. The students protest inside the premises and preventing Vice Chancellor Suranjan Das and other officials from leaving the campus since Thursday afternoon.

The protests were ends when the Vice Chancellor assured student that their concerns would be conveyed to the state government.University Registrar said that the protest was ended around 1.30 a.m. to 2 a.m. on Saturday. The Executive Council of the college has written to the Mamta government that they are against the decision. However, we can’t give any opinion on it.

The state government has rolled out a new “apolitical” system of student union elections across all state-aided colleges and varsities in June this year instead of the elected students’ body structure.

Under the umbrella of the Faculty of Engineering and Technology Students’ Union (FETSU), students across all disciplines had demanded the Executive Council oppose the order.

The students voiced their concern about “the curbing of students’ rights” through the new students council. Das on Friday had appealed to the students to end the agitation. “Since we are a state university, we have to follow the order,” he said.

The new model eschews political association in student body elections. Under the new model, a teacher in every institution will be responsible for handling funds allowed to the students’ council. A union will have office-bearers ranging from seven to over 10 depending on the size of the college.

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