HRD Minister Prakash Javadekar talked about the efforts of the government to improve education

HRD Minister Prakash Javadekar talked about the efforts of the government to improve education
Written by Abhishek Rana

The Human Resource Development Ministry has put a lot of efforts into the changing and also developing the education system of the nation. Their efforts have ranged far and wide to accommodate everyone, who wants to peruse education. Here are some excerpts from the speech given by HRD Minister on Think Edu conclave.  “We have also increased scholarships and funding for education.”” We have identified districts which are ‘aspiring’ for more education accessibility and we are ensuring that more is done to make these districts more educated,” he added. About Online Learning, he said, “We know what is ATM (Any Time Money), but we are working towards ATL (Any Time Learning). Just like Coursera and other online learning initiatives, the government has launched ‘Swayam’ where over 600 courses are available and almost 17 lakh students have already registered for it”. He said that people should be hopeful for the budget and that there could be some relief from the educations sector to the people.

He was also of the view that the universities and colleges should make innovations on the campuses rather than just bringing them from somewhere else, “We are importing so many products from outside, we are not creating on our own. Many big projects have Indians on their teams but we don’t have the patents. We have to concentrate on creating more research labs so students can innovate and help the country prosper. We are always talking about how IT is flourishing in India, but where is all the innovation. We strive to provide the best ecosystems and labs for students to realize Indian’s innovation dreams.”

He also spoke about the environment in the government schools, and how they have become more reliant on the facilities and not the actual education that takes pace, “Now the schools have become only about mid-day meals- Aana, Khaana, Jaana- students are only eating but there is no learning. We have to improve the quality and infrastructure in schools.”

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