Government jobs offer quota to those with learning disabilities and acid attack victims

Government jobs offer quota to those with learning disabilities and acid attack victims
Written by Mrinalini Mahajan

India has opened government jobs opportunity for people with disabilities. For the first time, Acid attack victims will also get a quota in the government jobs. This act has been passed after the nine months of the enactment of Right of person with disabilities. Total of one percent vacancies has been increased. The increase has been made from 3% to 4%. Acid Attack victims can also apply and they will also be considered under the disabled and will get quota on this basis. Disable with not less than 40% is considered.

The Department of Personnel and training has written to the central government for increasing the quota for the disable persons. The disabilities include blindness and low vision, deaf, locomotion disability, acid attack victims, muscular dystrophy. The main motive of increasing the percent is that the person with capabilities will be offered opportunities. As per the act passed in 2005, only 3% was reserved for the disable people. All government organisations have to deploy grievance redressal officers, to look into any complaints or grievances that might arise. Any person with a benchmark disability, who faces discrimination, can report the case to the designated officer. The deadline is two months, and the action taken must be communicated to the person.

Central Government has passed this act under the consideration of several laws passed. This act was appealed nine months back but the central government considered it under the application passed by the Department of Personnel and Training. These steps have been taken to ensure that the reservations for people from backward classes do not get adjusted due to the reservation for persons with disabilities. Last year, five acid attack victims and a transgender was facing difficulty in getting jobs. This one percent increase will help the acid attack victims to gain jobs

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