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Engineers Day 2018 in India: Google recalls M Visvesvaraya through Doodle

Engineers Day 2018 in India: Google recalls M Visvesvaraya through Doodle

M Visvesvaraya, one of the greatest celebrities(Engineer) of India on whose birthday is celebrated on the Engineers Day in India. On this occasion of M Visvesvaraya‘s 157th Birthday, Google has remembered them by creating a Google Doodle. M Visvesvaraya has been a major contributor to the country, he built several such dams, which is a great example for all the engineers across the world. Today on Engineers Day 2018 occasion country’s future engineers are missing him. His full name was Mokshagundam Visvesvaraya. He is also known as Sir MV. Awarded by Bharat Ratna, the highest honor of India. M Visvesvaraya was born on September 15, 1861, in a Telugu family in Chikkaballapur Taluk, in Kolar district of Mysore. His father Srinivas Shastri was a Sanskrit scholar and ayurvedic physician. Vishweshwariya’s mother’s name was Venkachamma. Their ancestors had settled here from Andhra Pradesh.

M Visvesvaraya’s early life

M Visvesvaraya completed his early studies from his birthplace. At the age of 12, his father died. Visvesvaraya took admission in the Central College of Bangalore to pursue further studies. Visvesvaraya topped the BA examination in 1881. Being a meritorious student, he got an opportunity to study further through government and with the help of the Mysore government, he took admission in Science College, Poona for engineering. In 1883, LCE and FCE (BE of today) introduced their qualifications by getting first place in the examination. With this achievement, the Government of Maharashtra appointed him as Assistant Engineer in Nashik.

M Visvesvaraya’s achievements

M Visvesvaraya was the chief designer of Hyderabad city’s flood protection system and was the only man who played a key role in the construction of Krishnasagar dam in Mysore. While working for the Sindh municipality at the age of 32, all the engineers and the government of the government loved them very much from the plan for the supply of water to the Indus river in Sukkur town. The English government created a committee to find ways to repair the irrigation system. He was made a member of this committee.

He invented the new block system, under which the steel doors were used to help stop the flow of the dam’s water. His system was greatly appreciated and this system is still being used in the whole world. After which he was appointed Chief Engineer (Chief Engineer) of the State of Mysore in 1909. Visvesvaraya did some basic work on basic problems like illiteracy, poverty, unemployment, and disease.

Seeing his work, M Vishweshwariya was declared as the Chief Minister of the state Maharashtra. From 1912 to 1918, he contributed greatly to his state’s social and economic work. Given his invaluable contribution to the nation, in 1955, M Visvesvaraya was awarded India’s highest honor, Bharat Ratna. He passed away on 14 April 1962 at the age of 101. Many movies and documentaries have also been made on them, which are available on YouTube.

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