Delhi government launches free education scheme of civil services for SC/ST

Delhi government launches free education scheme of civil services for SC/ST

On Saturday, the Delhi Chief Minister, Arvind Kejriwal, launch the schemes for free education arrangements for IAS, IPS, IRS exams for SC / ST students at Talatora Stadium. The few days before in the month November, the Social Welfare Minister, Rajendra Pal Gautam, has announced that civil services and engineering exam aspirants from SC / ST and underprivileged backward communities will get free tuition in Delhi. As per the reports, the move has been approved by the finance and the cabinet department.

The government has giving free education to SC / ST students by providing coaching classes in Delhi for professional courses, such as IAS, IPS, IRS exams, They will study along with general students. As the Delhi Government believes separating them wouldn’t be good for them, and that they should be seated together.

The tuition fee for these students will be paid by the Delhi government for all the aspirants of civil service, medical, engineering, SSC, exams. Also, the free tuition will be provided for the SC / ST students for the group A and B level government jobs. However, it won’t be restricted to only the above- mentioned courses, in future, Government might also introduce other courses where free tuition will be offered to these students.

It is also be said by the officials that the money for the fee for these students, will be spent from the  SC / ST development fund of government.

Officials also added in their statement earlier that, “We have cleared all the finance formalities on this SC / ST development initiative and do not think any further clearance related issue will appear.

Now with this scheme, hundreds of students belonging to the Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, Other Backward Castes and minority communities could be able to join private coaching centres to prepare for competitive exams at the expense of the Delhi government.

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