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CBSE schools decides to boycott RTE admissions in Maharashtra

CBSE schools decides to boycott RTE admissions in Maharashtra

CBSE schools have decided to boycott RTE admissions due to non-payment of dues by the Maharashtra government. The school who have boycotted admissions comes under the Nagpur CBSE private School Management. No reaction has been sent by the education department as the admission considering the RTE factor ends on Saturday night. The chairperson has made it clear that no admission will be granted unless the dues are cleared. Independent English School Association body will be meeting to decide that its member school will be boycotting admission on the RTE.

Maharashtra government has extended the date of registering online till January 25, 2018. The original deadline became untenable after 3000 private school decided to stay away from the RTE admission process due to non-payment of dues. Previous years the deadline had been extended for the admission, this year the extension will be on the basis of the pressure on the government. Maharashtra government has not cleared the dues. 23 Schools from Nagpur has boycotted the Right To Education admission process for the academics 2018-19. The Jalna district has already boycotted the process and further show no interest to adopt this mean of admission. Many organization which are associated with the CBSE and the State board, will be taking a final look over the RTE admission.

Many schools have adopted the wait and watch policy, the education department is taking a deep look. Action against schools will be taken at the state level. The education department has planned a joint press conference. This conference will take place on January 27, 2018. Though the last date of registering is January 25, 2018. Many officials think that either the state government will give a written assurance or the schools will withdraw with a dispute. This all has taken place due to the non-payment of dues by the Maharashtra Government.

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