CBSE Class 12th Accountancy paper leaked Today on Social media

CBSE Class 12th Accountancy paper leaked Today on Social media

CBSE Class 12th Accounts paper has been leaked on WhatsApp. Exam copies were found rotating on the Social media. The accounts paper was scheduled to take place today. The exam was found leaking in the morning. CBSE is investigating about the leakage of the exam. In a recent statement, it is said that a student cannot leak the exam alone there must be someone who has helped them. The question paper which was found on the social media was just the same paper of Set 2. This was the second set of paper of the Commerce students. The accounts exam was leaked today when the exam was about to conduct.

A student was found roaming with the answer sheet in the Delhi metro. Many strict steps has to be taken by the Central Board of Education about the leaking and of the use of illegal use of doing all this. Many guidelines has been issued by the board for making the exam take place safely. Some sources says that the question paper was seen on the social media yesterday only and today in Delhi it was confirmed that the question paper which was found circulating is the same paper which is scheduled to take place today.

The social media mode by which the question paper was spreading is Whatsapp. This was found that the Set 2 of Accounts paper was same as the paper leaked. Manish Sisodia is the Deputy Delhi’s deputy chief minister tweeted that action should not affect the students as many hard-working students are also there.

Candidates who were about to appear for this must check that the facilities were misused and the students are suffering. Since only complaint has been filled and the investigation is taking place regarding the matter. The accountancy paper was leaked today on the WhatsApp.

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