CBSE 12th result 2017 declared , Lenient marking expected

CBSE 12th result 2017 declared , Lenient marking expected
Written by Karu Cheema

CBSE 12th result 2017 will be declared today at 11 am at The new law and order suggests the checking of papers this year would be lenient. The checking of exams process has been started by the Central Board of Secondary Education. The marking scheme have been designed such a way that checking of the exam papers would automatically be lenient regardless of the decision of the board of not following the policy of moderation. For example; any exam paper that will be in notice to be tricky by board, the marking scheme suggests lenient marking for that particular exam of the year, so that students should not get anxious. The CBSE Board Examinations would have lower percentages this year as the boards decide against moderation.

What is marks moderation policy?

In order to maintain the standardization in results and to bring change in between the differences in the difficulty levels of different sets of question papers in the same subject. The education boards across India already adopted the policy. According to sources the all 32 Boards have accepted and decided to adopt the NCERT curriculum for subjects such as science and mathematics last month.

The announcement of the marking scheme has increased pressure on the students who having already standing out to be best students. As the marking scheme will really effect on intelligent students to mark out bright, on the one hand it is good news for the average students as marking will ensure lenient marking. Therefore these changes have delayed the 2017 results of CBSE Board.

The class 10 Board Examinations have already recounted the internal. The teachers are much open to the opinion of considering moderation for Class 10 Examinations. How ever these changes will have drastic impact on the students.

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