CBSE Board exams 2018: Reference books students should check

CBSE Board exams 2018: Reference books students should check

CBSE boards exams for Class 10th and Class 12th are just a week far. Students are preparing for the final exams. Students are busy revising the syllabus. When the revision is over, students are suggested to follow the reference books which are necessary for the complete preparation of the exam. Best books for the reference are the NCERT books. English is the most important subject. In this the students will be learning about the theme and the complete summary of the exam. Textbooks for English are Flamingo and Vistas which are enough for the literature section.

Physics is also an important subject to qualify Class 10th and 12th as well. H.C.Verma is a master for the subject of Physics. Except it students can also refer to S.L Arora, Pradeep’s and Exam Idea which are other great options. For Chemistry Pradeep’s Chemistry is really helpful. One can also use O.P. Tandon as a good reference too. RS Aggarwal & ML Khanna are recommended for the study of Maths. Students must refer to this books and can check that their concepts are clear. For Biology one can complete rely on  S. Chand Publishing by BP Pandey, Pradeep’s. For economics one can complete rely on NCERT books.

Students need reference books to check that whether their concepts are clear and they don’t find any problems. These books are provided for the reference as always the books provided by the school are not sufficient for the students. To make all the topics and get better information about the things one must consult the books except the NCERT ones. Candidates must read all the things as per it is mentioned in the syllabus. Students must read all the theories and concept. Students who are preparing for the board exams must check these articles.

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