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CBSE board exam 2018: Healthy food that should be eaten

CBSE board exam 2018: Healthy food that should be eaten

CBSE exams are just a week ago and all the students will be busy in preparing for the final board exams. All the students are preparing for the exam. Many people continue to study all the time and their meals are skipped. Family members are usually worried about the student’s performance in the exam. Students usually skip their meals and continuous studying. The exam stress usually make the students mismatch their meal plans. Diet is the main thing that compromise and reduces the exam stress. Exam season is very tough season and one has to maintain the food habits good.

Parents are usually worried when they see their children are not eating properly and are not following a proper routine. Students must follow the tips mentioned. They should eat a diet which is rich in proteins. Students should eat Whole grains like oats, brown rice, quinoa. Students should eat diet at proper intervals. They should not eat after a long time span. Students should eat at small interval. To boost up the memory of the students, one must eat berries, whole eggs, green leaf vegetable, colorful fruits, the pink of salmon, and the earthy colors from nuts.

Students must eat less but should eat at frequent intervals. Students should eat less as eating more will make them lazy and they will sleep more. Students should not skip breakfast as breakfast is very important. The diet that is given to the students should be rich in omega fat. Students must sleep at proper time. Students should eat whole grain food. Students should drink as much as water possible. Water is an essential part of the diet. One must drink as much as water he can drink as water causes no harm to the body. Students must prepare for the exam by following proper diet.

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