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UP Board 2018 security made 10 Lakh students skipped their board exam

UP Board 2018 security made 10 Lakh students skipped their board exam
Written by Mrinalini Mahajan

UP board has for the first time experienced the low attendance in the board exams of Class 10th and 12th. In the recent four days of the examination, 10 Lakh students were found absent in the examination. The main issue for the low attendance is that the Uttar Pradesh government has taken serious measures to control the cheating means. This year it is twice the number of candidates who were absent last year. Last year only 5 Lakh students were absent but this year in just four days, ten lakh students have skipped the examination.

The total number of candidates who have registered is 66 Lakh. The exams started on February 6, 2018. In 4 days, 15% of students have dropped out from the examination. The exams will conclude by February 22 for Class 10th and for Class 12th, it will conclude by March 12. The highest students who dropped out was in year 2016 but this year it is even more than that. 6.5 Lakh students were absent in 2016 but this year it is 10 Lakh. The Yogi Adityanath government has deployed Special Task Force (STF) and Local Intelligence (LIU) sleuths in plainclothes at the examination centers to check copying. Not only CCTV has been installed but also special staff has been alloted for the checking.

It is said that the installation of CCTV has made many students to drop out from the examination. Installation of CCTV cameras, deployment of special task force and personal inspection by  government has taken a serious step to enhance the good students to score well. On the very first day of examination, 1.8 lakh students were absent for the examination. Day by day the number of students strength increased and it hence increased the level of absent student. Candidates due to strict nature is quitting the exam.

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