Bihar Board 2018 issues new rules to prevent cheating

Bihar Board 2018 issues new rules to prevent cheating
Written by Mrinalini Mahajan

Bihar Board issues new measures to prevent cheating in the board exams. Students of Bihar were asked not to wear shoes to the examination hall. Students were asked to wear slippers during the exam. From February 21, 2018 Bihar Board will commence the board exams. In a new rule issued, no candidate will be allowed to wear the socks and shoes. The total number of candidates who will appear for the examination is 17.70 Lakh. The exam will take place in 1426 centers. The state has many issued this rule because the state usually experiences many false way of cheating.

Class 12th examination had already begun and 1000 students were expelled for cheating. There were even fake examiners and the complain was registered against them. The Physics and the Biology paper was found leaked on the social media. Candidates took the help of Social media to leak the exam. Both socks and shoes are banned from wearing to the examination. This is an official notification passed by the officials and all the candidates who will appear for the exam will have to give the examination in slippers. This notification has been even issued to the officials of district for the every exam that will be conducted.

This rule of not wearing shoes and socks is already implemented in many competitive exams. Candidates can either wear slippers or flip-flop in the examination. Patna district has 74 centers. This type of rule is followed by the other state also for stopping the practice of cheating. People appearing for board exams usually takes wrong measures to qualify the examination. Class 10th students are going to appear for the examination this 21. There will be a check for the students entering the examination hall and all those who will be wearing shoes will not be allowed to enter the center. No excuse will be sustained by the officials.

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