World Bank says that India’s economy will continue to grow, praises JAST

World Bank says that India’s economy will continue to grow, praises JAST
Written by Abhishek Rana

World Bank has praised the Indian Government’s new schemes and plans, and has said that if everything goes as well as planned, India could’s economy will continue to grow to become high middle economy in at least 30 years. The World Bank recently gave India a 30 place boost in its business rankings. The reason for this achievement is because of the improved Indian Business’. The World Bank’s chief Executive officer, Kristalina Geirgieva has said that this kind of progress is very rare and has been rarely seen in the 15 years since the beginning of the survey. India is now ranked 100th on the World Bank’s Ease of doing Business global list.

“It is particularly rare when we talk about the size of India. I understand that in cricket loving nation hitting a century is a very important milestone.” she commented.

“We have learnt that in reforms what pays off is persistence, what we are recognizing in India is that this success today is to be turned into more energy in reforms for the future.” she further replied.

She also praised Prime Minister, Narendra Modi for his efforts in making a unified economy, which then created an opportunity for India to prosper further.

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