RBI issued the new Rs. 10 denomination, And its organic in color

RBI issued the new Rs. 10 denomination, And its organic in color
Written by Ria Maheshwari

The reserve bank of India has finally issued the Rs. 10 denomination under Mahatma Gandhi (New) Series today. After the big Indian notes of Rs.200 and Rs.50 came in 2017, so now it’s time for Rs.10 notes makeover. The note is bearing the signature of the governor of RBI, Urjit Patel.

The new note has a lot of motifs that can lay our attention. Starting from the color of note which is Chocolate brown, which is truly organic. and then the Sun temple, Konark, Swachh Bharat logo with the slogan, Ashoka Pillar emblem on the right, Portrait of Mahatma Gandhi at the center, Mahatma Gandhi portrait, and electrotype (10) watermarks. These are the key motifs on the new note of Rs. 10. While the remaining are the usual ones. As per sources, more than 1billion notes were printed by the apex bank. The move to reintroduce the lower denomination notes were to get rid of counterfeiting and promoting the cashless economy.
In November 2016, Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced on the stroke of midnight that all the 500 and 1000 notes would cease to become legal tender when half of the population dint had bank accounts and were in fact paid in cash. But truly, Demonetisation has proved to be one of the greatest disruptions in our country and to the people who have laborious earned their living. And even bigger to those who spent hours in the queue of ATM’s and banks to get their cash exchanged. Here is the new note picture attached. Please have a look at the picture below posted by the authorities.

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