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India US first ever 2+2 dialogue Today: Top 10 important Factors

India US first ever 2+2 dialogue Today: Top 10 important Factors

India US first ever 2+2 dialogue: The first ‘2 + 2 Dialogue’ between India and America is on Thursday. The meetings of the two countries will include the Foreign Minister and the Defense Minister in the meeting held in Delhi. To join this meeting, US Defense Minister Jim Matisse and Foreign Minister Mike Pompey arrived in Delhi on Wednesday night. On Thursday, both Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj and Defense Minister Nirmala Sitharaman will discuss bilateral issues. During this time, there will be several key defense agreements between India and the US. Both countries can also compromise on drone selling and exchange of satellite data.

India US 2+2 Dialogue in New Delhi

Prior to leaving for India, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said that the talks will be discussed in the negotiations on the purchase of missile defense system from Russia and oil from Iran, but the talks will not remain focused on these issues. Pompeo said, “India will be part of the negotiating missile defense system from Russia and oil buying oil from Iran.” This is part of the relationship. All these things will be on the meeting agenda, but I do not think that the dialogue will remain focused on these issues.

There is a possibility that India will tell the US during the meeting that it is going to deal Rs 40,000 crore with Russia to buy the S-400 Triumph Air Defense missile system. Pompeo said, “There are more than half a dozen things on which we want to move forward in this dialogue. These decisions are important. These decisions are definitely important in relations, but we do not see ourselves while resolving those issues during strategic dialogue and there is no intention to resolve them during this time. ”

Important Factors of India US 2+Dialogue

  1. There will be discussions on increasing the defense cooperation of both the countries and starting the Joint Military Operations of the two countries.
  2. India can also raise important issues like H-1B visa in this meeting.
  3. India-US talks on Afghanistan crisis

Officials believe that this meeting is not only a signatory but very important for these countries, both of them will try to overcome their conflicts. These include issues related to India’s relationship with Russia and Iran.

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