Flipkart offers Big Diwali Sale to attract costumers

Flipkart offers Big Diwali Sale to attract costumers
Written by Abhishek Rana

For Diwali and Festive season, the online marketing sites have opened up sales and other offers to attract customers and buyers. Flipkart has now also The sale is scheduled to begin on 14 October and end on 17 October and in between it’ll offer numerous offers in multiple categories such as technological gadgets, furniture, clothes, electronics etc. There will also be discounts on certain items and other offers that let the customers by the product and make a profit too, like allowing 10 percent cashback on HDFC Bank credit and debit cards. The site has assured that it’ll be putting discounts on at least 90% of the products.

FlipKart will be placing heavy discounts on its most popular Phones, and they’ll be available at low costs or at discounts. There are also exchange offers in place according to Flipkart’s scheme of “‘Goodbye to the old, welcome to the new”, that’ll allow people to exchange phones and get new and better ones instead.

This Diwali sale scheme is a very clever way for Flipkart to make money and to attract new costumers, who’ll be looking for replacing their old things with something new and this will be a perfect opportunity for them to do it without even going outside their houses. The sale will last for four days, starting on 13th October, so people should hurry up and purchase their desired products before they run out of them or the deadline arrives.

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