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How Chinese Solar Panel ends 2 Lakhs jobs in India?

How Chinese Solar Panel ends 2 Lakhs jobs in India?

In a BRICS conference in South Africa yesterday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi met Chinese President Xi Jinping yesterday. In this meeting, the issue of export from India has also been raised. India imports a lot of goods from China, but the amount of exports is low. Modi government wants to reduce this gap. One delegation from India will visit China on August 1-2, to discuss this issue. This issue is also important because, in the report of the Parliamentary Committee, it has been revealed that two lakh jobs have been completed due to the Chinese solar panels in the country. The Parliamentary Committee has warned in its report saying that the country’s industries have been in crisis by the import of Chinese goods.

What is in the report of the parliamentary committee on China?

Due to China’s solar panel dumping, two lakh jobs have been completely ended in the country. India had exported solar equipment to Germany, France, and Italy by the year 2011-12. But due to China’s dumping, export of solar products from India has stopped. Due to China, the textile industry in India has also suffered heavy losses. Clothing like China’s cheap polyester and viscose are the challenges for India. 35% power loom units of Surat and Bhiwandi have been closed due to cheap imports.

Not only this domain, Medicine and bicycle industry have also suffered impairment to Chinese goods. The questions have also been raised on the quality of Chinese equivalents. There is also talk of using dangerous chemical antimony in the solar panel. The LED bulbs coming from China have used harmful chemical substances. In such a situation, demand is being taken to take stringent steps to deal with the challenge of Chinese goods.

Apart from BRICS countries meeting, PM Modi also held bilateral talks with Chinese President Xi Jinping and President Vladimir Putin in Johannesburg. PM Modi’s second meeting with the Xi Jinping is the third meeting in the last four months. A few months ago, PM Modi also visited Russia and China. In the meeting with Xi Jinping, the two leaders stressed the need to speed up the relations of Indo-China.

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